Welcome! I’m Elaine the TechDonkey.

(What’s a TechDonkey? Sometimes tech people go around calling themselves fancy titles like WebMaster or WebMistress, when we all know who’s doing the grunt work around the Internet. I prefer everyone to know I’ve got a hands-on approach.)

I code, type, tweak, arrange, upload, download, and upgrade. I do design and hosting. I shove pixels around until your mother wouldn’t recognise ‘em. For select Vancouver residents, I even get inside your home computer and compel it to behave better. See? There’s no mystique, and there’s certainly not much derring-do. Just one geek (plus a few subcontractors on bigger jobs).

Here’s what I do. Here’s some helpful stuff. And if you’re an existing client and need help, here’s where you can get support.

Address and Phone

Snail Mail: 2304 East Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5L 2C2

You may reach me at phone number six-zero-four seven-two-three five-nine-seven-seven

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Wherein Elaine does your tech work for you.