This morning the world handed me a belly-laugh.

So, I used to be a webhost/site designer a few years ago. You know, the person who does all the coding and file management and such. A worker bee. My company, accordingly, was called TechDonkey. I still use my domain for all my personal web/domain management stuff. A week ago I decided to consolidate […]

TechDonkey closing

Dear Elaine Miller / TechDonkey customer; Hi folks. As I’m sure you’ve been expecting, I’m folding the last wee bits of TechDonkey, as its time has come. I’ll be moving to smaller, non-professional digs, and my rather expensive plot on the server farm will close up shop on Dec 12, 2014. This part’s important: YOU […]

The Internet Analogy List

To help you think about the concepts we employ… The World Wide Web is a World Wide Town Your computer is like an assistance dog, trained to run and fetch things for you to look at. Your website is your collection of belongings and furniture and appliances. Your webhost is your landlord. Your server, where […]


Cookies? Nope, no-one’s baking anything. Here’s the simplest way to describe a cookie:Imagine that you’re a first-time customer in a great big store. When you walk in, the greeter pats you invisibly on the back, and slips a business card in your front shirt pocket. The card has on it only the name of the […]


Called hypertext markup language, HTML ain’t very daunting if you start easy.Think of a page from a textbook from your high school days. Now imagine that it all had to be typed out on an old-time typewriter, and you couldn’t make some things bold and some things italicized and couldn’t separate the paragraphs in any […]


When you build a website or contract to have one built, you decide what fonts (typefaces) you’d like to use. (Fonts can be in word-graphics, like in a logo, or in navigation bars. Human eyes can see this as text, but it’s really a picture of text, and machines can’t read it, and search engines […]


POP3 mail POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol 3. That’s because your server acts very much like a real post office. Here’s how it goes. Firstly, You have to have an agreement with some server somewhere to act as your post office, and you’ll have gotten a username, password, and the names of the POP3 […]

Design and Content

Design is more than the look of the page and the fonts you choose. It’s also how the material is presented an used, how the navigation gets you from place to place, plus any interactivity — like forms, or membership log-in areas.In its simplest form, bare-bones design is putting unadorned text and graphics together (content) […]

Webpages and Surfing

A webpage, generally, is a single file, with perhaps other files attached to it (by means of the author linking stuff within the text of the document), such as graphics, sounds, or scripts.When you type in a URL (the wordy version of the address of a file) in the address bar of your browser, or […]