What’s a Website?

A website is just any size of collection of files on a server. If we’re talking about the website covered under the domain name TechDonkey.com, all the techdonkey files will be sitting on that server. Webpage files here, graphics here, mail over here, web scripts here, and so on. Think of the server computer as […]


Just as a server in a restaurant hands you dishes and salt-shakers and drinks; a computer-type server hands you files like graphics and webpages and your email. Think of it as a smart, fast computer sitting blindly on a steel rack somewhere, with a fat cable up its arse connecting it to the internet. Really […]

Domain Names and IP addresses

Continuing the house analogy — imagine the house (server) your domain lives in as having an absolute street address, and when you move in, you put a sign over your door with your domain name, like a quaint wooden carved sign saying “Elaine Miller”. Instead of your house address reading 1234 anywhere st, Vancouver, Canada, […]

What Hosting Means

If you acquire hosting, you rent space for your website, plus extras.When renting space for your real-life business or your home apartment, you might be paying for square feet of space, plus heat, electricity, water, perhaps landscaping and even security services. Online, it’s kinda the same. Your hosting fee gets you space on the server, […]

So You Want Your Own Website

There’s a few different things to consider about having your very own website under your very own domain name. You can get your geek to do all this for you, but it’s still probably better for you to have an understanding of what’s involved. (1) Get a domain Name You gotta have or get a […]