Just as a server in a restaurant hands you dishes and salt-shakers and drinks; a computer-type server hands you files like graphics and webpages and your email. Think of it as a smart, fast computer sitting blindly on a steel rack somewhere, with a fat cable up its arse connecting it to the internet. Really honestly, a server is merely a computer with a fetish (and a special set of software instructions) for serving. It lives to receive and carry out your requests, and its owner’s instructions.Just like your computer at home, a server has a hard drive, and files on that hard drive.

When someone like you talks to the server (your computer talks to that server via the aforementioned internet cable) it sends those files to you when you ask for them. Some files can be gotten by anyone who asks (like most webpages) , and some, their server will ask you for verification of who you are (username, password) before it’ll hand anything over.